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Brexit (Tiddley Pom): The Pooh of Politics

A friend of mine read my poem about mental health in the modern world, “Sabre-Tooth Post-Truth“, and concluded that it had a Winnie The Pooh style about it. Praise indeed!

It gave me the idea when feeling particularly exasperated about the state or rather in-a-state of British politics, of writing a poem about the insanity that is Brexit in the style of the simple and stylish poem by the great bear himself – Tiddley Pom. (and the lovely and precious Piglet)

Am sure he would appreciate it since everyone’s head seems stuck in honey pots right now…

And of course with love to A.A Milne for the inspiration. 🙏


The closer it gets (twiddling thumbs)
The more we fret (feeling all dumb)
Deal with the mess (believing no-one)
Of leaving

And nobody fights (meddling twits)
Thieves in the night (call in their chits)
Until it’s too late (blowing to bits)
For rueing

So the more it goes (spewing their lies)
The more it grows (fuelling their bile)
We hit a new low (dividing our might)
For Nothing

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