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Two friends catching up over coffee 

Hello my dear, it’s been too long

What have you been up to?

Well, this year I fell apart. A breakdown.

How about you?

I felt like I couldn’t go on

The kids, work, that neighbour from hell

I know what you mean hon,

I’ve had it tough as well

It’s exam year this year

And our oldest is just so stressed

They make it so difficult for them

Not good enough to do their best

Did you have a nice holiday?

I saw your post, looked indulgent!

Yes, two weeks on a beach in Turkey

Then my company made me redundant.

What are you doing for Christmas?

Are you visiting your family?

Not this year, no. ‘Cause of Dad

His health is not what it used to be

Doctor says it’s cancer. In his lungs

They missed it at his last check-up

They’re stretched too thin you know

The NHS. They just can’t cope.

So what’s next for you honey?

I just want a day, self-care, time for me

Life feels so full now

Those days are a just a memory

Well it was nice to see you

Let’s meet more often if possible

We always say that eh?

Then all the chaos takes control

Yes, give my best to everyone

It was lovely to see you too

We’ll pick up the pieces of our lives now

And pray, and hope, for happier news.

I sat working on a poetry project today in a local coffee shop and overheard a couple of friends greeting each other as they were catching up on each others news. They started withthe usual “How are you” which is nearly always followed by “Fine” or “Ok” or “Very well thank you, and you?” A ritual of shared language that conveys nothing. Of course conversation deepens once the social niceties are dispensed but very rarely will someone say how they feel with that frequently asked question.

Reflecting on this, I found myself scribbling away at a different conversation where the hidden was offered up freely from the start and let the pen take me where it wanted to go…

7 thoughts on “Two friends catching up over coffee ”

  1. How odd that my mind has been headed in this same direction of late. Life getting in the way of the all too infrequent but completely necessary moments of connection with those we love best. And then by default what should be a light hearted catch up becomes angst ridden and mired in the deeper and darker aspects of life. Another wonderful piece that speaks to us all on so many levels. I love it!

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