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Your beauty radiates.

Original art at the East Side Gallery Berlin Photo by K.Sivapalan 2015 (Free to use)

For the Youtube version please click here.

My latest poem, below, which follows on from my most recent post, is a reflection on the messages we receive every day about who we should be and what we should value – money, fame, power, success.

All of these messages, and the constant bombardment of such, can lead us to question our inherent values which may differ. Not only that but those who we may revere as icons of success have not got there on their own rather through an interconnected web of actions, behaviours, hopes and fears of others: The Billionaire Hedge Fund manager who bets on other’s misfortune, the self-made entrepreneur who has built their business through the hard work of others often without recognition of their effort, the smiling politician who prays on our fear of the unknown.

Eventually some of us can succumb and allow ourselves to be less than, to give up on our own dreams and live our lives through others. Yet, in the words of Marianne Williamson, [our] playing small does not serve the world.

You are beautiful, your beauty radiates through the success of others. Allow yourself, in your own way, to be successful too.


A Life Reflected

Show me a billionaire and I will
Show you

a million broken backs

Show me the voice of power and I will
Show you

the scream of desperation

Show me a star of celebrity and I will
Show you

dreams held by proxy

Show me one success and I will
Show you

the failure,

of many,

in its wake.

Show me your rich and I will
Show you

the face of the poor

Show me your mind and I will
Show you

your weeping heart

Show me your fear and I will

Offer you hope

Show me your hate and I will

Wrap you in love

Show me your anger, your bitterness, your scum and I will

Sweeten your cup

Show me your life, naked and I will

Worship Your story

Hold up the mirror

To see that your beauty.


3 thoughts on “Your beauty radiates.”

    1. Thank you! And another thank you for checking out the YouTube version. Its a really interesting medium for poetry. Adds another dimension. I hope your writing is going well 💖💫🙏


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