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A Story by Numbers


A poem about perspective

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Which number are you?

This poem, in the form of classical storytelling, was created in a response to the political climate, especially the UK, where discourse involving different perspectives has been overthrown in favour of zero-sum warring sides of Leave and Remain. Both sides feel they are on the “side of the angels” and I feel not many have left a space to be wrong, or to consider the other side in any way right, and instead spend precious energy on either invalidating another’s perspective or imposing their own.

Numbers are simple. Each one different. Each one plays a valid and equal role. Using the mythology of numerology and archetypes I have anthropomorphised numbers to create 9 essential and different characters, traits of which you may recognise in yourself.

Valuing perspective is not only essential to the development of a compassionate and thoughtful society, I truly believe it is the only way to peace.

Love and light



At first there was only Number 1. They could do anything they wanted, at any time, for as long as they liked. But they desired companionship. No other Number existed only the nothing from which they came, so they created Number 2.

Number 2 was in many ways exactly like the number before them. They shared joy and their sadness, drawing comfort from each other. Yet Number 2 saw the world through different eyes and they were often in disagreement so they created Number 3.

Number 3 had all the good and all the bad of the Numbers before them and saw the world through different eyes. With this they found they could see perspective but could not decide which was right so they created Number 4.

Number 4 knew the confusion of the Numbers before them and, as they saw the world through different eyes, desired order. They established rules for all the Numbers to follow. For a while all was well so they created Number 5.

Number 5 was reminded of order of the numbers before them but remembered a time when they could do what they wanted. They disagreed with all the Numbers and, seeing the world through different eyes, felt alone, so they created Number 6

Number 6, containing equal energy of all, loved all of the Numbers before them and, seeing the world through different eyes, wanted to heal all of their pain. Yet the numbers before were now too many so they created Number 7.

Number 7, saddened by the pain and confusion of all Numbers, sought solace and comfort within. They saw the problem was with their eyes not the world around them, but this was not yet understood, so they created Number 8.

Number 8 contained much wisdom and experience of the Numbers before them. They had learned much from the pain and desire to heal. Seeing the world through different eyes, they wanted to share their knowledge, so they created Number 9.

Number 9 had the whole universe within them which contained both all and none of the Numbers before. Seeing the world with different eyes, they knew the world was complete as it was, all Numbers were equal, and with that, they would begin again.


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