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Start the healing

Addendum: It saddens me that our current government is using “healing” in their language for political gain. Healing is required, yes, but healing that is used for the benefit of a select group is not healing at all, it is ego. We do need to work to support each other, whatever our view, but we also need to be mindful that our intentions are not appropriated by those who seek control and power over everything else.


Has politics taken on the qualities of religion? It would seem so. If that is the case then, as I would for different days of religious significance say something like this: –

For those celebrating today – well done and congratulations. I hope you have voted for a positive future where everyone in our country will be treated with compassion and dignity. I ask you to reach out your hand now and listen with those who have a different view and ensure all voices can be heard. 

For those commiserating, and experiencing real grief – I am so sorry, I hope you are able to reflect, heal, and grow stronger from this defeat. Stronger in a way that carries the whole country with you, where we can work together to provide solutions and compromise. 

For those who couldn’t vote, or didn’t vote – I am so sorry. I am sorry that we do not have a system in place that you can trust and believe in, that for some of you the only option to be heard was to not vote. I hope you can raise your voices now to find ways to reform this system to one where all perspectives are acknowledged and considered of value. 

For all – I wish for you hope, strength and resilience to support each other to honour and celebrate our differences, to work together to change democracy for the better, protect the planet on which we live and create a world where no-one is left behind. 

Love and light

Kirstie 🙏💫

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