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Tarot tales

Non work working day today and i got to do something i “enjoy” very much – a tarot reading for a special soul.
One of the reasons I love my spiritual work is that whilst i am in the act of doing it I am in flow, I feel connected and I know that what i say comes from a place of love. I “enjoy” it. That is to say not only does it give me joy but by being in flow I believe that feeling allows me to bring joy to the process.

Another love of mine is words, how they sound, their particular music and rhythm and their original meaning. The word “enjoy” is a particularly good one as its about making or giving joy. So that flips it around and makes us responsible for bringing out the joy to something rather than waiting for an experience to hand the joy out to us. It takes us from being active rather than passive participants in our actions and our happiness.

So I am following the course of work where i bring out the joy. I am accountable for that. But please feel free to remind me when i have those days where i inevitably forget!

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