Meditation, Planning, Spiritual work

And breathe.

Essential to any attempt at my non plan business planning is meditation. So following my guidance of “Silence the noise” today I spent the afternoon going within.

My inner world has always been noisy. Again I have to point my finger squarely at that feisty Aries ascendant. Its raw enthusiasm creates a million questions and corresponding ideas to answer those questions and thanks to a conspiratorial relationship with Jupiter in equally feisty Sagittarius, sometimes it doesn’t know when to stop.

Thank the universe for meditation. It has introduced me to something which has allowed me to have a more fulfilling life experience: non-thinking time. During this time I can stop the endless chatter and, as the wonderful Deepak says, just Be.

It doesn’t have to be cross legged and three hours either. Sometime just sitting there concentrating on my breath for 5 minutes or repeating a mantra is enough to create that inner space.

Today my mind was full of scary, fear-inducing ramblings. That inner critic was clearly in her element:
“I should” be doing some research (doesn’t she just love the word should) I should be writing a plan I should be viewing some spaces Why i am not further forward What am I thinking I must be mad This is a ridiculous idea I should just do my job and be grateful…etc etc”
So I meditated. And I could breathe again.

To me that non thinking time is when I synthesise my thoughts and ideas. Organise them, focus them, chuck out the ones I don’t need. And it allows me to access wisdom and guidance that I couldn’t hear before. Maybe just for a brief moment but a vital moment nontheless.

And today’s guidance? I have time… 😊

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