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Move over…

Today had me thinking about making room.  As I look forward to the days where I will be running my shop, taking orders, taking inventory, managing partnerships and generally keeping things ticking over, I have been reflecting on how I can and whether I can, make room for everything I want in my life.

For most of my working life I don’t think I had the balance right. For a good while, I made lots of room for work but squeezed in the rest. Then thanks to the universe taking charge, the crystal love and a diagnosis of M.E I started to realise I was living in extremes.

So its clear that extremes don’t work for me and finally I am in a position to say I don’t want them to work for me either! The hedonist has gone to bed and I need to channel my inner Libra, search for that elusive balance.

This is most likely why the guidance was to do this in a non planning way. Why its essential to listen to guidance, to meditate, to hug a tree. It keeps me grounded and self aware.

And most importantly, it reminds me that I am consciously choosing this reality and how it manifests is, only, up to me.

1 thought on “Move over…”

  1. When i read this, i can’t help but thinking about the way old pc’s operating systems used to manage space or occupy it like a lump thing, the clutter, the heavyness of things to be able to make just a tiny weeny programme like a bell sound…
    Now that internet allows us to work seamlessly in the cloud, a bit more like the brain works, i feel that it sends us back messages about how we can organise ourselves (read… “balance” ourselves…) x s

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