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Space oddity

Non work work day today so time to focus on doing a bit of research. Unfortunately I have also discovered that my rational, logic, analysis parts of my brain are currently operating with the processing power of a ZX Spectrum so its been quite tricky.

Seriously what is with this particular retrograde Mercury? Aren’t we supposed to be out of its shadow by now? The ’80s computer brain aside (which may be a longer term problem) I am having issues with wifi, PC and phone and well as miscommunications galore. All known problems courtesy of the trickster planet appearing to go backwards in the sky. Is it Uranus messing with us too?

Anyway, enough moaning. Lets focus on the good stuff.

I’ve decided to start by looking for inspiration in the spaces available in London. Currently they range from Pop up shop spaces as small as a shelf in a funky clothes boutique for a tenner a day to xxxx sq foot long leases at, well let’s put a few more zeros on that.
The latter is definitely out unless I win the lottery I never play or inherit money from somewhere unexpected.

A shelf though. Wow. I did not know how far we had come in sharing spaces! I love the innovation of it, possible stemming from other people with dreams and a shoestring budget. It makes me think how many more dreams can now be made a reality?

Ideally I have to admit to picturing something a little bigger for the long term but I can leave today behind with much more hope in my heart.

Thanks to a shelf.



Links I found for would-be retailers…


2 thoughts on “Space oddity”

  1. “All known problems courtesy of the trickster planet appearing to go backwards in the sky. Is it Uranus messing with us too?”

    I would check transits to your natal and your progressed chart (progressed to progressed, progressed to natal, transits to progressed). I had a pseudo-Mercury Retro effect when the transiting South Node passed over my natal Mercury. Perhaps you are having something similar happen to your natal or progressed Mercury?


    1. Thank you! I will check it out. I am just learning about progressed charts at the moment. I think my teaching institution was not keen on them but I find the world of progression incredibly useful. I welcome your expertise in this. Blessings x


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