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Helping hands

Friday and in true London worker style I am in the pub.

It’s been another work work day so no grand epiphanies on the shop front,  just a day of doing what I need to do. But as I have previously mentioned, I am blessed to work somewhere I can be myself so please don’t think this is a hardship. I have built serendipitous connections here so I know the universe has had a hand in co-ordinating this assignment.

I can see this is a reminder of why I am determined to write something every day, no matter how small, and know too that I will look back at this period of my life and smile as I see the journey behind me. I’ll see the bridges, the bumps in the road, the places where i fell down, scraped my knees, and the outstretched hands there to help me up. Some of those hands are here, at my work work. And hopefully I am a hand for them too.

It can be tough as hell when you are in it. And I’ve been in it quite a few times in the last few years. I don’t see the pattern, like a massive jigsaw puzzle where I’ve only managed to find a couple of the corners. But then at some point I gradually start to see the picture on the box. And I am thankful for this glimpse of the picture and even more thankful for those that bring it in to focus.

Today I caught such a glimpse.  Things made sense, clicked into place and for once I saw the logic of the universe. Thanks to those helping hands.

Tomorrow may be different.  Am sure one of the tomorrows will be and many more tomorrows to come. Until then I’m going to enjoy the view.

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