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Sort it out

With a little bit of a fluffy head this morning I have the urge to tidy and clean the house and my crystals. Exciting stuff eh.  It must be Moon in Virgo, the transit moon saying hi to my natal one.  And suddenly I want to organise and sort.

By way of background, in astrology the Moon sign represents our emotional needs and feelings. It can also be the part of you that comes out during periods of stress and how we respond to change.  Its considered a key planet in terms of defining who we are along with the Sun and the Ascendant.

I remember when I discovered that my Moon sign was Virgo.  I resisted it and desperately tried to alter it to what I believed to be the much more harmonious and beauty inspiring Libra. But no. It was definitely Virgo. Sigh.

Don’t be mad at me Virgos.  I saw the error of my ways and now I thank the universe and various other deities for that Virgoan energy.  With a Pisces Sun and Aries ascendant, a “need” to be ordered, focus on the detail and create the odd spreadsheet, I am fully aware its actually a blessing.  And of course I do not want to forget the most beautiful part of the Virgo archetype: Service

So as the Moon slips into Virgo today it reminds me to stay focused on creating things that are helpful, useful and contribute to others in a meaningful way.  I like that.  Three key principles to work towards, to help me shape my dream.

Maybe it wasn’t about doing the housework after all!

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