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Karma cop-out

Instant Karma. I signed up for this when I asked the universe to “bring it on”. (Oh dearest Aries ascendant, you never think things through do you? Here’s a cliff I think I’ll jump off it…oh bugger)

I had thought what I am going to call spiritual development for want of a better way of phrasing it, would be all moonbeams and unicorns, very lalala. Nup. It has more in common with an army boot camp, but with pretty rocks and nice smelling candles. Its stretched me, pushed and pulled me, and quite often whacked me around the head. And yes, I consciously chose this.

Before I put you off, it does have an incredible upside going for it. Feeling connected to everything, resilience, synchronicity but maybe let’s leave that for another time.

Back to Karma. The great teacher. Experience something one way Karma will gift you with another way to see and feel it. Like extolling the virtues of being in the Now. As i did less than 24 hours ago.

It sent me a nice little reminder today that it’s easy to feel good about the Now when you are having a blissful Sunday. Of course I would want to embrace it, stay in the moment. So here you go, let’s flip it, and see how long you can enthuse about the present. (What is the antonym for bliss?)

Ah you’ve got me. I clearly need a little more time on this one, teacher. I know that if I believe in the importance of being in the moment then that means any and all. No cherry picking. No pre-judging emotional responses as good or bad. Let them all be expressed fully.

So no pub for me this time. Just staying present and letting the lesson in.

3 thoughts on “Karma cop-out”

  1. About being in the now: i had an interested conversation with someone -who is very important to me- who was telling me about the urge he had to ask for forgiveness, and also saying sorry sorry sorry for all the things he had seen, said, done… Strangely, all I was hearing from his story was in fact “thank you thank you thank you”… So what i got out of it was that being in the now, and one with the now, also helps you translate the world. I feel it gives you a lens, not a screen. But only if there’s love within.

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    1. Beautifully put Servane. Yes being present with those sucky Now moments does need love, self-love or else ego takes hold and either wallows in some kind of masochistic fashion or desperately scrambles to get out of it. The self-love we give in those moments is like being our own coach through it. Like a birthing coach maybe?


  2. “It has more in common with an army boot camp, but with pretty rocks and nice smelling candles.”

    My spiritual path often resembles a boot camp as well, especially with the trait of breaking you down in order to build you up stronger.

    This also reminds me of a dream I had lately (hello to Neptune turning direct on my natal Moon). I was in a carnival faire haunted house, but it wasn’t cheesy and obvious like so many are, it was downright terrifying in the most real way and I just wanted to find my way out. After looking for escape routes someone whispered to me, “the only way out is to crawl through Hell” and pointed to a small door under the stage of the haunted house set.

    I feel this is so true to the spiritual path because it isn’t always fun to crawl your way through it!

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