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Check please

The theme of today was motivation. Working in the HR world this is quite common as a lot of what I do drills down to whether someone is motivated or not and how they behave in various states of motivation.

As its been a common theme I am deducing this is a message for me. But you’ll have to give me a moment because I haven’t decoded the instructions yet…

Maybe its about the universe asking me what is behind my desire for a shop? Is it truly what I want? And given the experiences of the last few days and the ever present presence of my ego, is this a Piscean unrealistic dream or is it a determined Virgoan decision of service?

I guess Day 19 is my process check point. I’ve been merrily progressing down this path, focusing my erm focus, it been all sounding good so far.

Again not planned in but this could be a feature of my non plan planning. Systems theorists called this Double Loop thinking. Jumping out of your process, taking a wider view and challenging assumptions. Its always served me well in my HR career as it starts from the basis of whether the motivation is right in the first place.

So I’m interpreting this message as guidance to make room to Stop. But not to think.

I’ll do this the non-thinking way and meditate on it tomorrow surrounded by crystals 🙂

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