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Enjoying the view

30 posts 30 days and each day I have been guided by my intuition and the “upstairs” lot in some form or other.
As I was thinking, or more accurately opening, to the theme of my post today I felt that this would be an ideal opportunity to look back at the messages I have received as this may reveal more guidance.

So from the beginning…

1. Announce dream of shop publicly. Follow intuition and guidance to make it happen.
2. Hug a tree, preferably a Sequoia. Connect with its energy.
3. Dream. Dare to, follow it, live it out
4. Find your flow, bring out the joy in what you do.
5. Ask the Moon, observe changes and see different perspectives on what you want to do.
6. Find your cheerleaders, drown out the inner critic
7. Acknowledge the difficult days. Occasionally go to the pub 😊
8. Observe numbers and number patterns appearing.
9. Share the love of what you want to do
10. Silence the noise, tune in and listen.
11. Breathe. Just Be. You have time
12. Find the balance. Consciously choose what you do.
13. Your dream is closer than you think. Find hope in a shelf!
14. Value the people around you that help you back up when you fall over
15. Channel your Virgo. Create things that are helpful, useful and contribute in a meaningful way
16. Enjoy the now, the special moments
17. Stay present, even when things are tough.
18. Limit your options when your options no longer serve you
19. Jump out of your journey and take a wider view
20. Take that wider view the non-thinking way. Through meditation
21. Harness the energy of the New Moon when your mind goes blank.
22. Channel your Sagittarian. Embrace the adventure, follow your values.
23. Acknowledge your challenges, see the lesson
24. Sometimes “F&@k it” is where you need to be today. Enjoy little indulgences
25. Do your research consciously, remember to ask for guidance and help.
26. Bodhisattva – help people suffer less
27. See money as energy. Trust the positives of people
28. Find the rhythms in your journey. Flow with the good days and the bad
29. Share your dream in its raw form. Allow the dream to take shape
30. Take a moment and enjoy the view.

Looking back over this I feel a bubble of excitement. When I wrote my first post and had no idea where I was going. I knew I had to just put one foot in front of the other and start out and trust that things would start to take shape. And now I can sense that shape.

I am excited about tomorrow. Where will this journey take me next?

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