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I’m no Angel

Very busy work work today. During the busyness and varied tasks a recurring theme: Angels. (In a HR job, I know, what are the chances)

Now I know angels bring up religious connotations but again this is a term I use as a working title. When I think of angels I don’t think of golden haired ladies in flowing gowns, I think of beings of Light and of Love, neither or both male and female. Beings that only know love who are there, if and when we want them. They are our energetic, multidimensional cheerleaders and helping hands although some times those hands can give you more of a push than you might have expected!

I’ve worked with these beings for a number of years now. In fact thinking back on it I can’t actually pin point a time. Curious.

I am no expert though, I just ask for their assistance when I need it and having them close by has helped me though some dark times. Times when I’ve shook my fist at them and said some harsh words in the rawness of my pain but received an inner knowing that they are there and I am held.

I have also called on the big guns, the Archangels, when I feel that things need an extra oomph. Maybe its my own doubt and conditioning into corporate hierarchies because I’m sure they are not that, but sometimes events in life have called for their energy and support.

Archangel Michael, who I call my cosmic bouncer (your name’s not down you’re not coming in). He/she helps me when I feel threatened, full of fear or anger towards others. As a 12th House Piscean he/she works overtime given my somewhat absorbent energy.

Archangel Gabriel too. I have found him/her great for interviews,  difficult conversations and public speaking. Not only does she/he help me speak my truth but guides me to make positive decisions.

And Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. I have called on him/her a lot. She/he has been an essential part of my healing, especially my approach to managing M.E.

Of course, there are another group of angels I do not want to forget: Earth Angels.  These are incarnated beings in my life taking the guise of friends. Those friends who love you unconditionally no matter how daft or annoying you can be and who offer their advice, support and love without asking anything in return.  In my life, these have come in the form of mainly Earth Sun sign types. (Just figured that one out guys!) They are awaiting their wings, or having an angel sabbatical. Either way they are, for sure, beings of Love.

So thank you my angelic support, on the material and ethereal plane.  And thank you today for the reminder that you are there.

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