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In Gemini there is wisdom

Ah its that Friday feeling again. Every other day I write and it flows, except Friday. What is it about this day!

So let’s see. Friday, the day of the Norse God Frigg, equated to Venus (vendredi, viernes both derived from the Roman Goddess). Associations are prescience and wisdom, beauty, art and pleasure. These do not sound like blocks to me so what else could it be?

I am enjoying writing every day which is a pleasant revelation. I thought that it would feel forced and become a chore but it hasn’t, even the Fridays, even this particular Friday! In fact the discipline of making myself write every day has been a great tool for my own learning and growth as I have often find what I am looking for by the act of writing out the questions.

I also feel like I have access to guidance from the angelic and other enlightened energetic beings as I write. For those people who know me, they are aware of my tendency to be talking to them and suddenly say “that didn’t come from me” as I channel something, or rather more accurately, someone. And now I can do this in my writing too.

Today though they are being a bit quiet, possibly because my current environment is not. Tonight we have a full moon in sometimes excitable, always sociable Gemini which tends to scatter my thoughts…

Hmm, sociable …Gemini…and I am sitting alone writing my blog. Important special loving company around me and I’m writing my blog.

Yes guys I heard you. Off to have some fun.

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