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An Announcement

I am feeling a pull to do something rather bold today. The Moon is in Loving-all-things-social Gemini and that influence is currently trining my natal Venus in Aquarius in the 11th House. Therefore in the spirit of all things community focused this seems the ideal time to announce... The Reason Season Lifetime Collective. Yes that… Continue reading An Announcement

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A clear out. And the Moon is not even in Virgo. After yesterday's very sociable day I have wanted to cocoon myself with the Aquarian and of course one's cocoon needs to be tidy. So our sacred space now has a quarter less stuff in it than before, old surprises have been unearthed and everything… Continue reading Clear!

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You learn something new every day

Be thankful for the little things.  I like to think of this as the reverse of "first-world problems" Like enjoying a few small glasses of wine (with about 8 pints of water) and waking up with minimal damage. A slight fluffy head that quickly passes and suddenly, that Sunday, you had written off, magically reappears.… Continue reading You learn something new every day

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Oscillate gently

Yesterday's connection with Tarot and my friend's powerful question has got me thinking about the nature of the what I want to do. Do I want to run a shop or a healing centre? (there's that word again) Shop...Centre...Shop...Centre... And here is where I realise where I am not centred. In fact where I am… Continue reading Oscillate gently

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In Gemini there is wisdom

Ah its that Friday feeling again. Every other day I write and it flows, except Friday. What is it about this day! So let's see. Friday, the day of the Norse God Frigg, equated to Venus (vendredi, viernes both derived from the Roman Goddess). Associations are prescience and wisdom, beauty, art and pleasure. These do… Continue reading In Gemini there is wisdom