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Back doon tuh earth…man

Just home from my long weekend with my parents up in Geordieland. (North-East England for uninitiated)
Great, or rather calculated, timing on the recharging of my batteries as when I go back to my family home I find that connecting to the land where I was born gives me a boost of physical and spiritual energy.

This time I decide to amp it up a bit and treated myself to a “plugging in” meditation. This involved asking to connect with the energy and the earth of the starkly beautiful Northumbrian countryside through my left palm (which is the receiving hand) through my body and energy field and back out again through my right palm. This meditation is a powerful way to connect with natural energies such as the land around you, the Sun, Moon or holding a crystal in your palm and channelling its energy through.

It’s a deep connection and incredibly grounding and helps me appreciate all matter of earthly things such as warmth, the comfort of soft cushion and filling, healthy food. It doesn’t sound like much but when you are someone who lives a lot in the clouds, or further out than that, these Venusian delights can pass you by. So after my meditation not only did I enjoy the most delicious of naps but I ate like a herd of horses for the rest of the day!

But the grounding didn’t stop there. I can always rely on my family to lassoo me from the ether and this weekend this role fell to my mum (or “me Mam” as we say up there).

My mother, the first (vocal) critic of my writing. I’m sure its a newbie blogger common experience to feel a little warm and fuzzy when you get a few likes and follows. Especially when they create a programme for you to see your Stats (Virgo dream/nightmare). So it’s more than likely that I had it coming.

The words were so expertly crafted and delivered in flawless Geordie:
“Eeh whey yuh divvn’t half fanny on like”
This roughly translates to “well you do waffle on don’t you”

So back in London and I can confidently say grounding achieved and ego well and truly put in place. Planned and executed by those wonderful upstairs beings.

And its clear they all have a Geordie sense of humour.

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