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Feeling the love

Whilst nursing my red wine hangover I’ve been thinking about the power of community today.   Not a community interest based or geographical, rather the sense of community.

At the dinner last night I felt it.  I am blessed that the people I work with have a close connection, almost familial. I not only watched that in action yesterday but I connected with the feeling.  There was a warmth, an affection and joint sense of enjoyment.  A love. Not entirely a surprise at a Christmas party with what one person called “social lubricant” but this is first time I was able to observe and connect with the energies surrounding the event.  The fun bit of staying in the Now.

Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now talks about developing awareness of what is around us by recognising that within us is an observer.  Not a scientist with a clipboard taking measurements and making judgements but an unconditional loving observer who is fully aware of what is happening around them. That pesky ego can sometimes try to fool us by imitating the observer but it always lets itself be known as its observation is followed by a judgement of it being bad or good and then it pulls a 180 and chastises us for having the audacity to judge whether something is bad or good!  But the observer is behind all of that listening, feeling, connecting, seeing and loving. Not evaluation necessary.

And an interesting side effect of staying in the now is the lack of desire to check the time.  I can’t recall checking the time until people started to leave to get the last tube home.  I do recall however the power of my observer who through gently loving and watching me all night enabled me to recognise when it was time to leave the proceedings and head home without that fear of missing out picking at my brain.  Something today’s me is immensely grateful for.

As a Piscean and not just a Piscean but one with a great deal of Piscean energy, that sense of community, feeling of fellowship and commonality is a deep rooted desire.  It does also come with a strong Neptunian energy which is amorphous, dreamy and lacks boundaries.   Pisces energy picks up on group energy and can flow with it.  Great if the group energy is healthy and loving but this is where Pisces gets its reputation for being lead astray.

As every aspect of astrology it can be both our strength and weakness.  Like drops in the ocean Pisces can easily lose their sense of cohesion, sense of identity however that same quality can tap into a group feeling and resonate with it and when that group energy is loving and protective, Pisces feel it.  I call it “feeling the love”.

It’s the feeling I want to embody and infuse into my sacred space.  I think this relates to the connection mandala too.  The people coming together harmonising that sense of community. A shared, communal experience.

And there another message is uncovered about what I want to do.  I want to create that.

With a shop.

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