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Home help

Back to another precious space today. My home.
Christmas festivities with our friends have come to an end and we have now returned to our sanctuary.
I’ve never been someone you would call a homebody and have always been happy to spend time at other people’s homes, thanks to the Piscean go-with-the-flow, Aries enthusiasm and Sagittarian sense of adventure. My temporary Christmas retreat has been a lovely space, with a proper Christmassy feel and, as I’ve written, I also managed to create my own sacred space within to add to the magic.

But somewhere along the line I have developed a close, if not intimate relationship with my home space. So much so that I can sense the healing energy when I walk through the door.
Obviously the energy from the pretty rocks helps, the twinkling fairy lights which we decided to keep all year round but it goes deeper than that.
I think this might have been forged during the period where my M.E was at its most hideous. Days where I could not leave the house meant either resisting my reality and the space becoming a prison or accepting that for as long as it needed, the house would become my universe, on the material plane anyway. So when I had the energy I gave it a little love back by doing what I could to keep it tidy and clean.

There’s something a little “As above so below” about this. I think our homes are an extension of our own energy and therefore by looking after our homes we are also giving ourselves an unconscious message of self-care. My experience here has been that the small amount of caring for the home did a great deal to help my own healing.

And now I think my home space, my sanctuary and extended energy field gives back. The ritual of care has created a feedback loop where the space now cares for me. A dynamic, mutual loving relationship.

This is the core of what I want for the shop. A space where people express love and it sends it right back, offering healing, comfort and care in return.

This reminds me of another Wicca saying I hold dear (paraphrased)

“What you give out comes back to you threefold”

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