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The alchemy of success

There is some wisdom working its way through at the moment specifically through Tarot. Today I was drawn to a new deck Tarot of the Old Path, not only illustrated by a woman but conceived by Wiccan practitioners imbuing Pagan wisdom and symbols within its 78 cards. For my reading this morning working with the… Continue reading The alchemy of success

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Party planning today. ¬†There isn't going to be much time before Saturday so today the Aquarian and I scoured our local area for costume accessories and other Halloween fare. I planned the start of my blog specifically to start the day after Halloween. All Saints/Souls Day in Christianity or Samhain in Wicca. The time that… Continue reading Monsters¬†

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Home help

Back to another precious space today. My home. Christmas festivities with our friends have come to an end and we have now returned to our sanctuary. I've never been someone you would call a homebody and have always been happy to spend time at other people's homes, thanks to the Piscean go-with-the-flow, Aries enthusiasm and… Continue reading Home help