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Today has been booked in for a dossing day or duvet day for a slightly more flattering term. In reverence to my healing space I managed a little bit of housework but mainly today has been about feeling safe and comfortable in my retreat.

I’ve been thinking today about an area of astrology which is fairly unexplored to me, the Immum Coeli, the IC which represents are hidden and secret self. Its astro counterpart is the much grander, showier Midheaven, the Medium Coeli, MC representing our public self, our status in the world.
The IC is also where we go when we want to retreat from the world and reconnect with your core self.

My IC is in the early degrees of Cancer, just in my 4th house which is also the house normally associated with Cancer and relates to home and family, what our experience was like and how we feel about our home.

This confuses me because I don’t think anyone who knows me knows me would willingly describe me as a home-maker so it certainly doesn’t relate in the traditional sense. Or maybe the Aries/Mars fire energy has always over-ruled a core desire to be more like that, focus on creating a cosy environment that I or my loved ones would not want to leave…?

What does come to mind is that more of the traits of Cancerian IC are coming out as I do more work on surfacing unconscious thoughts and feelings, connect to my higher self through meditation and my exploration of self through writing. I can certainly see increased sensitivity and of course the feeling of safety I get from my home and how those qualities can impact my behaviour for better and worse.

But this is also a recent revelation. I get a sense that there is much more to connect with and that exploration of the IC will support this. This feels important to the creation of the space for shop. Time to get to know another part of me.

And bring her to the table.

1 thought on “IC Me”

  1. From what I have read, the IC is the most hidden part of you because it is the lowest portion of your chart. I also find that with my IC it relates to how I tend to behave about my home space. I have my IC in Virgo and although I am not super obsessive compulsive about my home, I can get very possessive in a I-want-to-do-things-my-way which I have to admit is a tad bit Virgo-controlling. 😉

    From what you write know about your home being a sacred healing space, that sounds very Cancerian to me. Although perhaps like the crab you take your “home” with you wherever you go as well?

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