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Something I will always be grateful for is the feeling of energy and renewal that I get the day I feel myself again. I am still sniffling but no longer sneezing and I can almost feel my cells jiggling about again after they’ve been stuck in icky, lethargic mode.

But I have learnt (much to my annoyance and frustration) that this is the day where it is essential to take it easy. Usually this takes every ounce of willpower because by now my Aries ascendant is fully in control and wants to do everything all at once. Twice.

Now thanks to Deepak, Eckhart and my own inner best friend I am able to enjoy the feeling of well-being returning without going over the top.

So today has been about taking a slow and steady increase and focussing on personal priorities.

Like finance.

For some reason I was drawn to do some income/expenditure analysis today. Why this and not birth chart analysis, sitting with my rocks, researching future stock I didn’t understand at first. Maybe it was the impending retrograde Mercury encouraging me to get things up to date, stored and backed up or maybe my new disciplinarian guide, whatever it was I found myself happily creating spreadsheets and filling in forms. (I guess after a period of nothing, doing anything feels good!)

And a nice surprise was waiting for me at the end of it. The last time I looked at my finances I think my projection was less than optimistic. The only way I was going to raise funds for the shop was through loans or crowdfunding. But after correcting my shocking maths I discovered that I have my first bit of money set aside. Just a tiny bit but its a start! Enough for some pretty rocks and a candle or two and maybe the hiring of some space in the next few months to start things off. Or maybe for something else. I don’t yet and I don’t feel I need to know.

It’s enough today to receive affirmation that not only has this downtime not changed my vision at the core but things are starting to materialise from the etheric to the physical.

Now I just need to keep Aries in check and dig deep for more patience. I’m not off and running yet but I’m definitely warming up!

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