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Darn it. Just wrote half my blog post and lost it. I will now shake my fist at Mercury!

I think I remember talking about my appreciation for being out in the world again as today was back to work for me.
I reflected on how grateful I felt for the movement my job gave me today. Up and down to the printer, in and out of meetings and varying my tasks. And then I realised that these are the same activities that I found tedious only a few weeks ago.
This took me to the revelation of how this illustrates the landscape of our “Now”. It might always be now but the now is constantly changing. It both is and isn’t at the same time.


How I have learnt to embrace this word since I started down this path. If you had explored the world of meditation, healing, different planes of existence, journeying then you will be very familiar with paradox.
Sentences like “she had flowing hair but it wasn’t hair”, “I felt heavy and light at the same time and “I heard their words but no-one spoke” will seem perfectly natural to you.

This to me is the embodiment of the Yin/Yang where we exist in the space of non-duality. Things can be both right and wrong, heavy and light and always and never. It bakes the noodle if you think about it head on but if you want to, you can let go of the contradiction and then you can start to “see” it. I think of this like one of those magic eye pictures- if you look directly at you see nothing, if you relax your eyes and look through it the picture emerges. Living in the space of paradox is like that.

And yes, it can be infuriating, just like those magic eye pictures.

Maybe this period of reflection was to bring my attention back to paradox. Somewhere I think i might have started to veer back into the world of Either/Or rather Either/And…

And as the retrograde Mercury approaches I can get a sense that these insights are just the start.

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