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Future markets

I’ve been thinking about marketplaces today. Not physical ones, or etheric ones for that matter but those of a virtual kind.

It seems sensible to me (and I believe my intuitive journey allows for sensible!) to create on-line presence through my own website and also on-line marketplaces such as Etsy, Ebay, and other marketplaces I am yet to discover! I particularly like Etsy, although still predominantly U.S based it is opening a new set of opportunities for micro-businesses like mine will be. But I am pretty excited about the development of this particular marketplace, Ethical Bay. This resonates deeply, a marketplace specifically for ethical trading.

In light with that I was asked today to think about what I wanted from a marketplace as a trader. This feels like a very big question especially as I am such a newbie! What would I want the marketplace to do for people like me? What interaction would I have? What benefit would it be to me and to others? What values would I want it to hold?

These are questions for further reflection. The fact I don’t know the answers yet doesn’t worry me. I know those questions will permeate my energy field and have a wander round until they find the necessary insight.

Meanwhile a bit more research will not go amiss!

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