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Service to humanity

My title is somewhat tongue in cheek. I am sure you’ve gathered by now that I like to play with words and especially their meaning.
Today I’m in the UK’s ultimate marketplace, Oxford Street. Technically Bond Street but it is has the same feel.

I am endeavouring to keep myself in the mind of my observer as I walk through a place which is shouting at me from every angle without saying a word. I wonder if this is why people keep tend to keep their interaction minimal, it can be overwhelming. It certainly is for me.

I am sure some people want that in their shopping experience. In, find something, have you got this in a different size, out. But maybe others are looking for a connection. A human connection. Maybe that’s a chat with an assistant, a bit of advice about what to buy or some reassurance that they have a right to be there. (Think Julia Roberts in that snobby shop in Pretty Woman)

It takes me to the heart of what I excites me about opening a shop. Shop will continue to be a verb for some time to come so what do we want shopping to give us? What experience do we want? What role do we want our shops to play in a community? Are we missing something? Or have we missed the point?

And what do I want to do with all of this?

More questions. More reflection. I think I’ve stumbled upon the desire this retrograde Mercury has for us:

Don’t find the answers, find the questions.

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