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Apophyllite, insight

I’m having a Friday day today. The fingertips do not have a mind of their own and my channels are either very quiet or not entirely tuned in.
Maybe its the numerous questions I’ve generated over the last few days. Maybe my higher self is currently scurrying around the cosmos collecting data and conversing with other higher selves to manifest later as insights.

Or maybe it’s really not about the maybe’s. It just is. This is my space today and all there is to do is to embrace that.

Ah and here we go. A voice, a word. That word is Apophyllite. Apophyllite is one of those crystals that you would swear comes from Krypton. Often confused with clear quartz it is a milky white/translucent crystal that has four faces and a more soapy feel than its cousin quartz. The apophyllite cluster I am working with right now is pyramid-like and reminds me of a temple.

As I held it to connect with it’s energy i got a sense of those warm whispers flowing through me. Very light as if highly pitched. Actually it felt like feathers. I also got a picture of a cloudless hazy light blue sky.

It’s cleansing, like its used its high resonance to remove baser frequencies and impurities and as a result I feel like my energetic tone has shifted a key.

Right, I see. It’s working on tuning me back in! Resetting, realigning my frequencies.

Well that makes sense.

Just in time for the New Moon tomorrow.

Thank you Apophyllite, and thank you the voice who made it through the fuzziness.

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