Spiritual work

Planetary renewal

Another powerful New Moon today. The Moon and Sun have met today at 0 degrees Aquarius. This particular conjunction excites me. It feels like they met to form an agreement, an Aquarian agreement. The Sun has asked the Moon for help, his own New Moon ritual and over the next few weeks the Moon will shine her light on his request with varying intensity offering up new perspectives. I wonder what he asked for?

As Mercury is ready to go retrograde tomorrow I imagine that whatever this is it will be felt inwardly.
The Sun, representing the centre of our being, our identity, our inner fire in the sign of its astrological opposite Aquarius strikes me as a conversation between “I am” and “We are” so this could be a great opportunity for, or maybe a time for a lesson in, making decisions for the good of the many instead of more self-interested needs.

I don’t know, as I’ve mentioned astrology offers signposts for me but its not a step by step guide. These musings are exploratory not statement of fact.
My intuition tells me these planetary co-incidences are part of a shift, another move towards recognising the interdependency of everything in our lives. Obviously its a great time for meditation too, the channels will be very chatty with much to say!

So It appears it’s not going to be a period for much action in the physical world for me but spirit sounds like it will be working flat out. That’s going to take some faith and patience on my part.

And I reflect on that I am immediately reminded…it’s like all of life in our hemisphere at the moment. It looks quiet on the surface, bleak and colourless. But underneath everything is furiously preparing and growing, renewing for another year.

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