Spiritual work

Self-ish tendencies

I woke today with no expectations as to what to do with it.  I handed over that task to my higher self and as a result today as been a TLC for me day.  First up was my appointment with my highly empathic and enthusiastic exercise therapist to talk through the latest developments going on in my body and I think that set the tone for the day.

One of the worries that I have, and I am sure others with M.E have, is that such dramas as gallbladder attacks, can cause a relapse.  Energy is something we come to guard like precious gems, which can mean that we hold on to it so tightly that fear takes its grip and sadly this can lead to a downward spiral of what becomes an energy hunger.  And of course, what message does that broadcast to the universe…

What I have realised after talking this through with her, is that after these setbacks, as she calls it, I am bouncing back quicker and building up stamina.  And I am doing that through being self-ish.  As in, of the self or self-like.

Self-aware, self-love, self-care.

So this was today. My inner best friend taking care of me. I made my own healthy and what turned about to be tasty soup,  focused on those personal admin tasks I certainly tend to put off and then rested.

As I reflect on that I see that its about getting back up again after being knocked over. Maybe each time is a time where we strengthening our core when we are recovering so its not so easy to knock us down the next time.

And maybe a big part of strengthening that core is self-care.

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