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Star struck

I have an idea around astrology that is slowly germinating inside me.  Something I am planning on adding as a practice when the shop is up and running…

Astrology, as I may have mentioned, is something that has become a large part of how I see the world, make sense of it but, maybe thanks to a forceful inner scientist, I could never say that I 100% get it.

There are still areas of the study that I cannot penetrate, make me scratch my head and reach for yet another book. This is not the same for crystals.  I have no problem connecting to crystals, penetrating their particular mystery and intuiting their message. But astrology, there is always an overhanging question.

Yet it is incredibly useful to me and has helped others when they become stuck, when logic and reason deserts them.  And there are correspondences and synchronicities I cannot explain any other way than through the understanding of the planets and stars from our viewpoint on Earth so there is a strong inner knowing that there is something valuable in this.  And the more I study, the more I delve into the various aspects that influence astrology, the more I am seeing myself.

Take the IC for example.  My short exploration of my IC led to my recent lightning bolt-of-an-insight about judgment.  It helped me surface unconscious drives and connect me with that part of my psyche.

So it can be a powerful tool for personal and spiritual development.

My feeling is that since the universe is so complex and interconnected so are our birth charts.  Each of us contain an aspect of each sign in greater or lesser measure and depending on a number of factors we will express the qualities of that sign in some way throughout our lives. The position of planets both transit and natal indicate how those qualities will be expressed or equally frustrated. Which houses they visit will tell us where in our lives these qualities will be most evident. The progression of the stars from our time of birth can show us how we mature and change and we can also choose the channel those qualities with increased knowledge about the interactions within our charts.

All that detail and it still feels like the surface to me. There is much more which means we are dealing with something truly  multi-dimensional.

I don’t think this is something we could fully comprehend in our lifetime (save for a few masters) and this maybe why there is a missing 1%,  but by understanding the archetypes of astrology and the various dynamics in someone’s chart, even if at a basic level, it can lead us to powerful questions about ourselves and what we want.  Like a form of lateral thinking when the linear thinking has been exhausted.  Sometimes those archetypal concepts open a door to a part of us that we would have never have thought to open.

So whether we believe the stars are controlling our fate or whether they offer us a map to our most inner workings, to me, it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether it helps you, offers you choices, helps you question.

Whether it helps you connect with your soul.

2 thoughts on “Star struck”

    1. Hi there. It means Immum Coeli. Its one of the angles in your chart that indicates your hidden self, where you feel most comfortable and the relationship you are likely to have with your home. Its opposite is the MC or Midheaven as its commonly know which indicates your public face. The IC is usually, (but not always!) found in the 4th house which is associated with roots and home and the MC in the 10th associated with status and public stage.

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