Spiritual work

Taurean skills analysis

I have just come back from a lovely afternoon reconnecting with an old friend, sorry, young friend I’ve known a very long time, as she seems to be defying logic and physics by looking younger each time we meet.  We first bumped into each other at university, most probably at a night-club and most definitely drunk and I remember I liked that she had a nice smile and was wearing a Cure T-shirt.  My discerning 19 year old self felt that was the right level of variables for us to become firm friends.

Many suns and moons, ups and downs, ins and outs later we are still friends…Reason, season, lifetime.

My friend is a Taurean and it occurs to me I have a few of those Taurean types knocking about. So this seems like one of those synchronicities worth further reflection.

Spending time with a Taurean can be an intensely enjoyable experience for a water sign.  Water and Earth, according to all things astrological, tend to naturally get along. Maybe its because they create fun mud pies when mixed together.  Taurus and Pisces, I believe, particularly get along because of a shared dreamy quality about life. Pisces likes to romanticise, find the beauty and daydream about all the nice things in life and Taurus, under the rulership of the planet of love itself Venus, appreciate the beauty in everything through the exploration of their senses.  Because their method of the study of beauty is different both sign can help the other see a different perspective: Pisces helps Taurus tap into their imagination, what could be beautiful, whereas Taurus helps Pisces see the beauty in the everyday, what is immediately around them.

Obviously no-one is pure Taurus and no-one is pure Pisces, what i am describing are archetypal qualities. But with a developed, self-aware connection between this pair, it can lead to an incredibly creative collaboration.

Clearly I gravitate towards this Taurean energy.  I wonder whether this is my intuition guiding me to those who can support me to ground my ideas in reality?  My relationship with Taurus in my chart is through strict and serious Saturn, all about boundaries and discipline sitting in my 2nd house, the house of resources and skills. Yes that would make sense then, here my reflection finds its insight:

If you don’t have skills yourself, surround yourself with people who do.  Learn from them and they can help you grow.

How practical and sensible. And so obviously… Taurean.

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