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Sodalite, rewrite

Oh dear not a good day today, not a good day at all. Quite a bit of pain and sickly again, brain seems to have been rewired in my sleep in a way I am yet to understand and whatever wiring gremlin that was also appears to have effected various computer equipment too.

I would like to lie down until this goes away. Or run for the hills. Either would do.

So I guess that would mean its crystal time. Who is my helper today?
Barely typed the question and the voice tells me “Sodalite”.

Ok then. That’s a bit of a surprise because I expected it to be Orange Calcite or Citrine again, something yellowy/orange for that particular area but Sodalite is a most definite shade of blue so this is more mind based. In fact, the particular piece I am holding is more indigo, so I’m thinking this is third eye business.

I get a strong sense of support from this stone. Words that came to mind are order, structure, bolster. As I connected with its energy I could feel it holding me in place either side like those foot measuring devices we used to have in the 80s, mechanical things that held your foot top to bottom and side to side. That feels very comforting, the feeling of gently being held.

Its no wonder that this stone is considered excellent for insomnia and as a study aid. I believe it helps with stress too, which I realise I am.


Stress which of course originates in how we think, the realm of the third eye, which when left unchecked can create chaos and confusion in our energy field. Things may be distorted, other areas blocked and some could feel like they are spinning out of control.

So a crystal like Sodalite can be extremely helpful when you feel like nothing is going right. It can calm the chaos, smooth things down and re-assert a sense of order. All things that are needed before any work on a physical level.

Well, there you go. It wasn’t about the physical pain, it was about my mind reacting to the pain, causing stress, in turn causing more pain.

And the voice and the little chuck of Sodalite helped me to see it. No point just telling me though, I had to go on the journey myself.

3 thoughts on “Sodalite, rewrite”

    1. Thank you again! Yes i am now trusting myself and using my own connection with the stones rather than Melody or Judy Hall. Judy herself showed me this, but like other things its gets forgotten till its time to emerge again.
      Hope you enjoy the others. More to come! x

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      1. Nice you had a chance to meet the author. The little bibles are great and packed with information. I end up giving volume one away or as a gift numerous times. It’s good though because when I visit family/friends and want to look up something, I just ask, “Where is that book I have you?” Ha!

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