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Catching up with a friend today, sharing our news, exploring the latest stories from our journeys and she asks me (about my physical health at present) “is it about centreing youself?”

At the time I came immediately back with some answers about my solar plexus, core strength etc etc but that question continued to echo around me for the next few hours…

As I refer to my friend as my “tarot reader” using tarot as a tool for further reflection came to mind so I decided to consult my cards and connect with my intuition to guide a reading.

Tarot, like astrology, can be a great aid to questioning, to exploration of the self. For a reader it is a fantastic way to hone the intuition as the symbols and pictures on the cards represent ancient archetypes and patterns which unlock inner knowing. I believe Tarot can help us explore the choices we have or give us different perspectives on events and dynamics in our life, like asking different friends for advice. After that its up to free will as to the choices we make.

Saying that, when it comes to Tarot the hardest thing is to do a reading for yourself. Its easy for the ego to take over and choose to tune in and out information received, so i don’t do it very often. But today, with that question swimming around me I felt it would be helpful.

Shuffling the cards, I held the question in my mind and as I do with crystals, I connected with cards with intent and an open heart. Sometimes I ask for angelic support with the reading which helps me guide my hands and my thoughts.
The main spread I use is the classic Celtic Cross which give a great overview of how events can effect us and how we are, or how we can react to events. But today i felt that the question was so central and so simple that only one card was needed.

The card I received was Six of Disks. (As you can see in this pack it is called Success however I wanted to connect entirely intutively)

Looking at the card I get the same feeling of order and structure that I sensed from the Sodalite. In the centre is the symbol of a many petaled flower but I get a sense of a rose rather than a lotus and the 6 disks surround the central flower equally spaced in a circle. The level of order in the card strikes me, actually more rather putting things in order or holding things in order even.

At first I thought this might be about putting more order in place but I am drawn to the central flower. I see that it is building from within, from the core, that then radiates out. And I get the message to strengthen the spirit. This is the advice the Tarot are giving me,

This is my centre.
Not the centre as in Solar plexus but a centre we cannot describe in 3D but a centre that is in every part of us.

So yes, my dearest friend and reader of Tarot, you may be onto something. It could indeed be about centreing.

Just maybe not in a way i initially thought.

*I recognise there is a lot more going on in this card than the summary above, as like astrology  tarot is multidimensional.  So if you do see something else please feel free to comment below. It all adds to the picture!

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