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Oscillate gently

Yesterday’s connection with Tarot and my friend’s powerful question has got me thinking about the nature of the what I want to do. Do I want to run a shop or a healing centre? (there’s that word again) Shop…Centre…Shop…Centre…

And here is where I realise where I am not centred. In fact where I am truly ambivalent, swinging from what view to another.

My current thoughts are stuck in either/or: Is it best to keep it simple, stick to the shop model. Do one thing right not several half right Or should I offer more, develop a healing centre model. Integrate services, see the links. Logically it would seem the simpler the model to easier it will be to bring into being. I can then, over time, carefully develop it from there. But annoyingly equally logically I could spend the time figuring out the larger plan, checking all the nooks and crannies, and launch my fully realised dream. One might take more money at the start another might mean more money over time.

So I might be thinking this is all intuitive and go with the flow but certain parts of my brain either did not receive that message or have chosen to ignore it. Another lesson -watch, and challenge, your thoughts, especially where you think you’ve got it sussed!

Of course the likely way forward for me is finding a space for the answer to be both. Back to that paradox world again. For this wild swinging stop I do need to centre myself and adjust my approach.

For this I am reminded of the archetypal astrological opposites. They may be called opposite but they are in fact expressions on same continuum. For example Gemini and Sagittarius- often seen as the student-teacher relationship but both are about learning. That is the mutual frequency that resonates through what they do. They are not either/or just experiencing through a different lens.

This is my reflection for tomorrow. What is the mutual frequency, the common theme, between the shop and the centre?

Because this is core of my dream.

1 thought on “Oscillate gently”

  1. Just a thought…and I know you’re thinking on a much larger scale when you talk about a healing centre vs a shop but…your ‘shop’ will be selling crystals right? And for what do you use those if not for healing? It’s already a healing centre. Just a baby one, in its infancy.

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