Spiritual work

My Mercurial surprise

Mercury back direct again. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful. It may have been an enlightening few weeks, certainly unpredictable, but that’s a bit of the mountain path I do not want to retrace.

Just before we put out the bunting and have a street party we do have a week or so of wobbly energy as Mercury gets back up to speed but most of its work is done and now its time to bring to light our learning from from the retrograde period.

So what was my learning. Looking back through my writing the key messages that spring up are trust that spirit is working hard up there, the realisation of the power of judgment, the importance of self-care and the practical application in the mysterious, specifically for me, the intuitive process of working with crystals, tarot and astrology.

That actually sounds like quite a bit. Spirit has indeed been busy.

It also brought forth another realisation, one I didn’t grasp when I set out on this blogging journey:

I love writing. I mean i want to wrap writing in a big boob-squashing hug and never let go. That, I did not expect.

It doesn’t matter whether my writing is judged good, bad or indifferent because regardless it is mine, and it is me. I write the words that I feel I want to write, that seem to flow out of a place within my energy field out of my fingers. The act itself allows me to tap into spaces of inner knowing, sometimes bringing things out that I didn’t even know were in there, but thanks to this form of expression find their way out into the world.

I love how words are mallable, like colours and textures for artists, they can be applied in different ways, with different techniques. Playfully, thoughfully, wistfully. Even the structure of sentences and paragraphs are an opportunity for artist expression.

It brings me to life.

And I love how it is gently guiding me to dissolve this fear of judgment. To let go of criticism and to be brave in my vulnerability. To own my words, my expression.

My voice.

This has been a recurring theme in my life. The throat chakra, expression of my soul. Its no surprise this is where are career is expressed, our “vocation”.

So its clear to me, that during this almost-too-painful-to-bear period, Mercury, the absolute ruler of communication, has woven its magic within me.

And shown me what I had previously cast aside.

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