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Happy Love Day.

Valentine’s Day used to be a day which would bring out my raised eyebrow cynicsim. Where I would allow myself to get wound up and righteous about the level of commercialism attached to this day. But now I see it as a day to express gratitude to Love.

I also woke up this morning and did my Love meditation which I’d like to share. This is a meditation that would work any day but it had a special resonance with the underlying message of Valentine’s of showing how much we love each other.

I started by grounding myself by visualising roots from the soles of my feet going into the Earth and connecting with the bright orange/yellow light in the centre. I then allowed that light to flow up through my roots back in through my feet and up through my body to my heart. This is an essential step for the more floaty of us who struggle with staying grounded and helps us travel without getting lost.
I then visualised my Soul Star. This is an energy point above the Crown chakra. I drew down Divine light from the universe in through my Soul Star, Crown chakra and down into my heart to connect with the energy of the Earth. This creates a strong connection with the higher self and Divine higher beings.

Once connected above and below I visualised the light of the universe and the Earth blending to create a golden light. I then exhaled this light into my energy field creating a bubble of golden light around me.

I then visualised rising up through my house up up and up, seeing London, the island of the UK, Europe, the northern hemisphere until I was above the Earth. From here I visualised sending love to the Earth from my heart centre. Its not important how you visualise the love, if you follow this meditation, do what feels right to you, the focus is about sending love with pure intent, not its actual form.

After this I floated further and further away where my picture became less clear but where it felt like I was in a vast place and I continued to send out love from the heart centre. After this point I am not quite sure what happened, it was little time before I knew this meditation journey was coming to an end so I visualised my return to Earth, back down into my body, still sending out love.

I started to sense everything around me, feel the pressure of my body, the wiggling on my hands and feet to make sure I am back. I then thanked the Earth and Universe for their connection and opened my eyes.

Every time I do this meditation I feel deeply connected. It is not me sending love, it is everyone, everything. This is why it feels so special. It is a profound release of ego, of the individual self.

To me, this is what today is about. Our reminder of connection to each other, which we express through what we call Love.

3 thoughts on “Loving meditations”

  1. Ditto about Valentine’s Day. I used to snark about it with the other snarky people, referring to it as “Single Awareness Day,” which is funny in the face of petty commercialism, but I too turned a corner and now view it as a love day (love in general, not confined to romantic coupled love).

    Happy Love Day!

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      1. Maybe? Hard to say where our soul ties (if any) are without checking our natal charts for synastry (seeing where your planets fall in my chart and vice versa).

        I have been noticing greater synchronicity in all aspects of my life so something has definitely “unlocked” for me in 2015 along ascension energy levels. ❀

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