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Loving Reminders

More unexpected. I was contacted this morning by a school friend who wanted to thank me for my post yesterday. Someone who is on her own journey of discovery it would seem! I love the universe’s affirmation about the Love meditation, a meditation I did not create but was given to me, a reminder the our connections are beyond the physical. That even when we feel isolated we can still reach out and find solace in each other.

Sitting with this feeling for a while I see more clearly the themes of connection and reconnection that have been taking place since I started my blog. Maybe this is what the mandala meditation was telling me?

That this is a time for those loving threads between us to be nurtured and developed by tuning into the deep and ancient power of our Earth and the universe above. The Earth as an expression of our material 3D world and the universe an expression of spirit. This could be the essence of real collective enlightened power, because it comes from a conscious choice to give and receive love.

Again this wasn’t quite me writing, but I know I was tapping into something, because I feel it. I sense those connections flowing in and out of me, as if I am surrounded by people. And I am aware of this thanks to medititation, tuning in and listening to those warm whispers, from my crystals, to the guides and angels around us.

So thank you, my dear friend, for connecting and sharing your voice. It keeps my hope alive and thriving. 💖

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