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Profiting from Love

The Love meditation continued to be felt throughout my day today with very warm and open-hearted connections in my interviews and managers engaging and exploring various options for their staff at a very human level. The sense of frustration and dissonance over the last few weeks appears to be shifting.

I have mentioned before that I am blessed to work in such a supportive environment with people who really care. And this is a private sector environment where there may be assumptions where that care may be placed elsewhere. In fact it reminds me of one of the reasons I chose Alchemy as the name for my business. Finding that magical blend of forces that do not easily come together. Forces more akin to what we would see in the public and third sector.

It gives me a profound message about the nature of enlightened enterprise, which to me is business with heart.

And I uncovered this message in what would seem at first glance an unlikely setting. Like Valentine’s day I put away my cynicism of the profit making private sector and was able to connect to expressions of love and support within these small businesses and found a simple premise:

Underneath it all, all the balance sheets, the intelligence reports, the employee profiles, there are only relationships. The connection between each other. Everything else is glamour, illusion, maya. That is a heart based business. Where the awareness of relationships is conscious and acknowledged.

So today I give love and thanks to the opportunity and learning I have had with them over the last year. For this current open-hearted workplace gives me inspiration for creating my own.

2 thoughts on “Profiting from Love”

    1. Thank you! Yes really started to feel it Saturday but equally i actively sought out the feeling in my meditation. Glad you are feeling it too.
      New moon – an Aquarius/Pisces cuspy moon. Thats got to be another sign of the shift! Time for some energetic planning I think 😊💖

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