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Rose quartz rescue

Well I don’t think you can write a blog about shop opening/crystal healing/healing journeys without mentioning it and you especially cannot go by, following reflections of love, without talking about the love crystal itself, Rose Quartz.

So today I chose to connect to a rather large rose quartz crystal I have. One that sits in the centre of my living room, next to a picture of me and the Aquarian.  This light-bluey pink chunk which looks like it has fallen from a frozen pink waterfall on a distant planet. (I certainly like to think so!)

I started by sitting with my large waterfall crystal and first of all spent time looking at all of its curves and juts and the different shades of pink that were created as I moved it around in the light.  This particular piece of natural rose quartz has become smooth over time and almost feels like stroking velvet.  Doing that in itself is very calming and I felt it regulate my breathing.

I then sat with the crystal on my lap and connected with my intention to its energy.  I immediately got a cool airy eeling in heart centre and then it was if two strands of energy unfurled from there around my back across my shoulder blades.  This feeling moved through my body through what felt like my lines of flow in my energy system, releasing tension, creating space.

I was so relaxed I actually found myself curling up with my crystal and went into a deep sleep!  I find when this happens even if I’ve been feeling alert and physically energetic its my body saying I need it.  When I woke up almost an hour later a word (or two depending on your grammatical bent) came to me


This was the crystal’s message.  Love in all expressions includes, in fact does not function without, self-care. Sending out love to all and even receiving love is wonderful however that love also needs to be directed inward.  My rose quartz waterfall was my teacher in this.

It feels like Rose quartz is an excellent healing stone for self-healing.  The ulimate “Healer, Heal thyself” crystal helper. Essential for anyone who may be a strong Pisces,  have desires to rescue others and is pretty good at looking outside before looking in (all my ego dramas).

Its also resonates with the message I received regarding strengthening the spirit as it strengthened the energy in my field, infusing it with pink light.  This felt like it worked on a physical level too as I could feel the energy penetrating the my bones, so strengthening and maybe repairing? my inner structure too.

This leads me to the insight my crystal was guiding me to… This, the strengthening of spirit,  a key part of manifesting my dream.  To manifest the space, the tools, the experience I want I need to be centred and strong.  Energetic marathon runner strong, from the inside out.

Thank you Rose Quartz, for teaching me that with me today.

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