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Pisces, seriously?

Another New Moon tonight, another weird one too as this one is at the Sun and Moon meet at the very end of Aquarius and beginning of Pisces. Proper cuspy…and maybe a heavenly handover? Aquarius’ work is complete and now it wants to make sure that Pisces understands what needs to be done next. Of course Aquarius won’t want those little fishies to be floaty and lalala about it either.

So this conjunction could be asking us to take our paths, whatever they might be, seriously. That certainly resonates with me, on the floatier side of reality, where serious is usually either ignored or laughed off. Serious to me has always equalled boring which is so unfair on the word.

I think this New Moon is calling for me to change my view of serious. As I reflect on that I serious as a word that deeply cares, that is committed to making a difference and that will always take a considered and reflective view.

And that doesn’t sound boring to me at all.

It sounds more like where I would like to be. Thoughtful, caring about what I do and how I do it and staying the course. Not at all ironically things that have been drawn out of me from my very core since writing this blog.

So as the Sun carries us into Pisces, the sign of dreams, visions, the desire to merge our existence, I will carry with me that essential nugget of serious with me.

So off you go Aquarius, you can take it easy now. The baton is passed.

Until next year.

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