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Stellar interaction

Today felt like a day where things were returning to normal. After the whacks, wobbles and weirdness of the last few weeks I was able to wake up today and access my intuition as to how to spend my day.

After a reconnection with my lovely Spanish teacher patiently taking me through the basics of vocabulary I came back home to a desire to turn of my access to the outside world -phone, Ipad, TV- and immerse myself in one of my energy healing books. Part for shop inspiration and part personal exploration.

Like my crystals sometimes do, a book on my shelf was practically jumping up and down shouting “pick me! pick me!” and I recognised that this book has been gently nudging its way into my consciousness so today it felt like it was time to receive its wisdom.

The book is “Energy Blessings from the Stars” by VIrginia Essene and Irving Feurst which i must have bought somewhere but have no conscious memory of that. Also, like some crystals of mine.

About half way into Chapter two the same desire to sleep came over me as I had with the Rose Quartz. But I didn’t sleep, but I wasn’t awake either. I was aware on some level of what was happening but felt very far away. And this wasn’t one of my visual meditations this was beyond visuals, but incredibly sensory. Throughout the experience different parts of me were fizzing and tingling, and at times it felt like an electrical current was being passed through me and around me. And the strangest thing was when I came to (or back) I felt massive. As if I was looking out of a huge vessel.

This is possibly the strangest meditation in my experience so far. And undoubtedly because of my opening to the words in the book.

The wisdom received within the first few pages was on the nature of energy. That everything vibrates at a different frequency and there are infinite frequencies in existence. This I understood but the next bit felt like an evolutionary leap of learning. Different types of energy vibrate at different frequencies and some energy healing picks up on certain frequencies but misses others and vice versa. Therefore even though we may perceive energies and the auric field and what we believe to be the boundaries of this is only because of our own frequencies. Whilst this premise hurt my head a little it also resonated with me. It certainly could explain why some people are more in tune with Reiki than crystals or Homeopathy and Herbalism. Its not the things themselves but our unique relationship to it.

The healing is in the interaction itself.

So in my meditation I believe I connected to some of these frequencies I haven’t felt before. Or maybe I have but I was previously unaware.

A new energetic relationship maybe? I am intrigued as to how this might unfold…

1 thought on “Stellar interaction”

  1. Wow do we have some serious synchronicity going on between us.

    I had just finished writing a long comment on my own “Year of” post when I switched to my WP reader and found your post.

    ” and at times it felt like an electrical current was being passed through me and around me.”

    So similar to my dream (that wasn’t just a dream) of watching people mimic incandescent light bulbs with enlightenment! ❤ ❤ ❤

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