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Call and action

Full Moon in Virgo.  Transit moon conjunct my natal moon, transit Sun conjunct my natal Pisces Sun. I had a feeling it might be significant and herald some movement.

In my case, quite a bit of movement and quite a mix!

There are so many resources out there for people to share, connect, support to start making dreams a reality.  This is one of course and another which has been floating in and out of my consciousness is  But not only did I feel compelled to join a few groups I found myself starting one! Like the early morning of late last year when I found myself starting this blog or early 2010 when I found myself on a plane to Peru.  I know this might sound like I am a passenger here, passive and allowing things to happen to me but that’s just my poetic licence, I am the one compelling and guiding,  my I AM, my higher self.

I also started to learn more about finding property after a long telephone conversation with the Ethical Property Foundation.  They provide pro-bono advice to people looking to rent a space so I have some expertise to draw from when it comes looking at how to use the space and help in understanding leases and licences.

I then back moved back to the always free always available resources of the energetic world by following the next meditiation in the Energy Blessings from the Stars.  This was during the exact opposition of Sun and Moon, you know, for good measure! The meditation was around anti-glamour which is such an important part of spiritual development.  So much of what we might think is our development is what some have called an ego trap.  Writing publicly about oneself and starting an entrepreneurial venture around helping people is rich ground for the ego of which I am hyper aware.  This meditation will support my intuition and awareness in understanding these ego traps and no doubt a lesson or two may be on its way.

There has definitely been a shift today and luckily or rather divinely I was given the energy to embrace it on many levels.

Just in time for my Solar Return next week.  My new year and renewed energy approaches.



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