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I guess I am going to need to get used to a bit of a start-stop-start rhythm as of now.  I feel that things are picking up in terms of the work I am doing to launch the shop and when I pick up momentum, as I did yesterday, I find I have to stop.

And do that other work.

What makes it quite tough is when your chart indicates a natural inclination to want to keep going at all costs when you get started.  To explain, Aries, my ascendant, is ruled by Mars which in my chart sits in the sign of Sagittarius in my 9th House, also the natural house of Sagittarius.  Fire times two and indelibly linked to the energy of exploration. So once I start something I can keep going and going, and going,  until I am exhausted.  Thank the various deities that sensible, boundaried  natal Saturn in Taurus can exert its influence now and again but it does get shouted down a lot.

Interesting and unsurprisingly I think the transit Saturn is also in play at the moment, helping out its natal counterpart. Sitting as it is in rebellious, adventurous Sagittarius, slowly making it’s way towards my natal Mars, counselling me about taking my time, taking things seriously, putting in the hard work on this particular venture and, i have just heard, reminding me…

Don’t. Get. Carried. Away.

So that’s it.  That staccato is actually my message of support.  What I have perceived as a block, as impediment is actually planetary gentle steering.

Sensible, serious Saturn. Guiding with care

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