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Luck of the Irish

Gold stars, smiley faces and ten out of tens for the Aquarian today. I had planned on a morning of shop shopping but he had another plan. And what a plan it was.

More years than I’d like ago I went to a Gem and Rock show in Brighton in an attempt to research how one might procure my pretty rocks. I always promised myself that I would go to another one some day but the some day never transpired.

Until today!!!

Bless the Aquarian, his powers of Google and his ability to keep these plans so completely obscured from me.

Today’s Gem and Rock show was at Kempton Park, a racecourse on the outskirts of West London, a tube and a train away. It took all my strength to keep calm, my penchant of course for being part kid in a candy store, bull in a china shop. I called on my guides and angelic support to help me discern my choices and find the contacts (and crystals) that resonated.

Gem and Rock shows are not like Mind, Body, Spirit fairs. They are an altogether more rough and raw experience. No shiny glass cabinets, no incense and tinkly music just lots and lots..and lots of bit of rock, some polished, some encased in cardboard and kitchen roll and some that looked like they’d just been hewn from their matrix. You can guess which ones resonated for me.

I also discovered Moorland Minerals. (No website unfortunately) A father/son earthy combo from oop north who were displaying crystals from the exotic climes of…Northumberland! My home county, home of coal mines but unbeknownst to me beds of fluorite. Asking if they know the story of these crystals they laughed and told me they mined them themselves. In fact they travelled around the UK and Ireland uncovering unique finds. I love that about them, they just exuded how much they loved their work.

They gave me a piece of quartz to hold, Irish quartz from the further reaches of the west of Ireland, next stop Canada. Of course this quartz had chosen me and no doubt will feature in a future post. Just to assure me of its desire to come home with me they told me it was from Dunquin, not entirely dissimilar to my last name. Even the Aquarian raised an eyebrow. Crystals from practically under my feet. I didn’t expect that for sure.  And on we moved and connected to another lively soul,  this time from a little further away, Brazil…

But more on that soon. I am tired from my day so I will save the rest till tomorrow, or when the rocks allow.  Until then I’m off to get to know my new Irish friend…

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