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Big personalities

Another quiet Sunday. A good thing too as my body does feel like it’s had a good workout and petitioning for a rest day.  Happily granted as I’m still smiling in gratitude to my great day out yesterday.

It was a beautiful day. The first of the year where us Londoners rush to embrace any warmth the Sun chose to give them as temperatures reached a massive 15 degrees C.  Not only Londoners but the crystals also sparkled in thanks to the returning strength of the Sun and a good many started winking at me to get my attention for a little chat.

One particular group of chatty crystals were under the care of a twinkling, kind-faced Brazilian man named Ronaldo.  Chatty and enormous smokeys, amethyst, clear quartz and citrine, huge chunks, clusters and geodes. Earth and Community healers.  Selected by Ronaldo himself (or rather the other way round) ,  a man who was clearly healer and intuitive and who exhibited a quiet passion about his country.

These crystals were incredible.  Ronaldo preferred the imperfections, knocks, inclusions and etched mineral deposits in and around the quartz and I love this too. This to me is the crystal’s whole story, the most ancient of stories, it’s what gives a crystal its unique frequency as our journey through life gives us ours.  Its imperfections are its grey hairs, its laughter lines, sun spots, its character.  A character, like us, that is one of a kind. Its that character that I connect with each time a work with a crystal, large or small.

I deeply connected with these big personalities although i knew none were coming home with me just now but they might in the future.

A future when my dream is fully manifested and they come to do their work…

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