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Ancient beginnings

Today we drove out of London and headed west and I was able to connect with what is a special part of England for me, Wiltshire. Specifically the area north of Stonehenge south of Swindon near Avebury.  For those not aware Avebury is a small village in the middle of huge mounds of earth dotted over various fields known as barrows, which are said to house the remains of Iron Age Kings.  Not only that Avebury itself is contained within not one, but two stone circles where, unlike Stonehenge, you are still able to physically connect with the stones themselves.  Stones that always whisper to me whenever i am near them.

It feels like such a magical place, a little eerie. Equal part history and mystery as experts discuss and explore findings all along this area to this day.

Avebury is somewhere i first visited as a child and its stones had such an indellible effect that I am sure they have played a part in my vocation.  Like Stonehenge the stones are not native to the region and stand as witnesses to the ancient practice of working with stones of the Earth.  Their power and healing. Obviously these witnesses appear in many locations around the Earth but I feel particularly blessed to have such a powerful and phenomenal presence practically on my doorstep.

This does not feel random or a co-incidence.  Passing through this tiny part of England at this stage in my journey seems fitting too.  I think they are reminding of me of where the journey really began.

Before I even knew myself.

1 thought on “Ancient beginnings”

  1. Communication with objects that do not have vocal cords is always rather exciting. For so many years, I second guessed a lot of the conversations and voices. Taking many psychology course has been beneficial in understanding the difference between mental illness and psychic tendencies.

    I have not been to England yet but I can tell you my recent trip to Ireland was unbelievably magical. The days were filled with all sorts of mystical information from every angle. I found when I’m at a location where the lore is strong, the voices are clearer needing less effort to be understood. Perhaps this is true for your Wiltshire. The power is intensified because of the belief surrounding, making the communications easier.

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