Spiritual work

Leap year

Only a handful of HR working days to go before my definition of work transforms and April stretching before me like a land of opportunity.  

Of course there are some fears in their trying to freak out the more adventurous bits of me.  What will I do without a set routine? What will I do for money? Motivation? Social interaction? All needs that have been met by my part-time job.  Soon it will be all on me. 100% focus 100% risk. 

Allowing that to sink in a moment I’m reflecting on what comes up. Am I worried? Apprehensive? Stressed? No, not a bit of it. 

What comes up is….

I can’t wait.

Because this is not about success or failure, whether I get the intended results. That’s destination stuff. What excites me is the ability I will be given to get out there explore my journey ahead. To push, prod, twiddle and stretch my potential. To see if i can allow myself to fully expand. 

And I have hope that smoothes over the fear. I have everything I need, I have my universal Go and now, it’s getting time to take that leap.

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