Spiritual work

Practical magic

Magic is science we do not yet understand.

I have always felt this way about the mystical.  Crystal properties, tarot and astrological symbols, meditation, psychic “knowing”, they might give me that Wow moment when something (currently) unexplainable happens but I also know it’s because the science has chosen not to reveal itself just yet.

I also know that this is why I was given my Moon in Virgo.  This is where my inner Scientist lives.  She was a skeptic for a while until Sun in Pisces helped her understand that certain things that happened such as knowing things she could not know, “hearing” and “seeing” things without her ears or eyes and sensing a field around her was not hokum or hooey but universal energy – unique, granular, infinite energy. Energy that could not be measured by any devices science currently had thought up.

I still like to test things though.  I hold certain beliefs but not so tightly that they can’t grow. Testing, experimenting, exploring is a way for me to further understand that world of energy around me.  The world that whispers through crystals and astrological symbols, Moon in Virgo yearns to understand it on a more practical basis.  Luckily, there is a special soul or two willing to support that journey by being equally open-hearted and questioning.  Open to exploring the energetic world with me and grounding that experience in their every day world.

This is the expansion I felt yesterday.  And finding like-spirited people feels key to this too.

My message of the day. Explore, expand and then ground.  For it’s the every day world where we see our results.

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