Spiritual work

Taurean types #2

I met a friend of mine this evening that has been a formative influence in my life, someone that I greatly admire, and one of those Taurean types I’ve talked about before.

This year we will have known each other 20 years after working together at a company where I first got to practice (and play with) HR. This was also a time where another Taurean type introduced me to the pretty rocks so he has watched me expand, contract, melt and combust my way into who I am today.

I use the word “watched” deliberately. Angels are often called Watchers who gently guide and support us, providing comfort and strength. So when I say he has watched me I mean all of the above.

Some of our angels are the etheric plane, some are here on Earth with us. Some find us for a moment and some a lifetime. In which ever way they choose to show themselves, they are blessings from the universe although maybe with an Earth Angel the channel might be a little easier on the ears.

So today I give thanks to this one particular Earth Angel.  For that 20 year journey we have taken and stayed connected.  And maybe also for that bit of Taurean practical nouse that might just have rubbed off!

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