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Three time’s the charm

Those Taureans types, they do get everywhere. It’s as if the Universe is constantly in need of telling me to ground myself, get practical. Although the Taurean of the day today is a little bit different, which is hardly surprising with a strong Aquarian moon.

When my friend and I meet we are like continuously chattering Star-children, exploring every facet of our knowledge and learning in all things mystical and energetic. These conversations not only expand my consciousness but also my energy field itself. I leave our meetings feel vast. That feeling gym going people get after a good work out, am sure the energy field gets honed and toned too.

She, much more than I, has an incredible ability to synthesise and explain succinctly libraries full of information and each time has a new spiritual nook of knowledge she has uncovered, which she shares with an open heart and total enthusiasm.  Thanks to her friendship, wisdom and willingness to share I have been able to find space to explore my own personal development and consequently find spaces to share my learning with others.

Writing this blog on a daily basis has allowed me time and space to embrace the people and experiences in my life and be able to see the patterns and universal hand guiding me to these wonderful connections. It helps me see that all that has happened has purpose and has shaped me for my journey ahead. And it also gives me the opportunity to stop and give these incredible people a nod of thanks. Something I may not have always found time to do.

A nice bonus to blogging:  and I am feeling grateful.

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